Timmy's Inline Marathon Fundraiser

Timmy's Inline Marathon Fundraiser

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Hello friends!

This will be my first time skating the Northshore Inline Marathon in Duluth and I wanted to make it fun and try to do a little good while I'm at it. So I teamed up with a great local organization called HOPE 4 Youth. HOPE 4 Youth aims to provide pathways to end youth homelessness. If you would like to learn more about how they accomplish this please visit their website: https://www.hope4youthmn.org/

Now to make this a little more fun I have added a few donation goals. Each goal that is achieved will unlock a different outfit that I could wear while I skate the marathon. A week before the inline marathon I will post a link for everyone who has donated to vote on the unlocked outfits and which ever outfit receives the most votes is the one I will wear. My donation goals are as follows:

$500 - Hockey gear (hockey jersey, gloves and helmet)

$1,000 - Complete UPS Uniform

$1,500 - Vacation Timmy (Hawaiian shirt, short shorts, long white socks)

$2,000 - Benchwarmer Timmy(MN Windchill uniform)

$2,500 - Slumber Party Timmy (A pajama onesie)

$3,000 - Bath time Timmy (Hot pink robe, shower cap and rubber ducky)

Please please consider making a donation of ANY size to HOPE 4 Youth. Every little bit helps and there's no minimum donation to get to vote on the above outfits!

Timmy Setterberg

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HOPE 4 Youth

Campaign to Support HOPE 4 Youth

HOPE 4 Youth provides pathways to end youth homelessness. It is our vision that all youth feel safe, valued and supported while reaching their full potential. This begins with meeting their basic needs and leads to giving them the tools to thrive.


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